S.T.E.M. + Education

Served as a board member, program director, and grant writer for several non-profit & educational organizations. Subject matter expert in S.T.E.M. education and training.


Innovation +  Data

AI Innovation + Data Science Expert. Worked as an engineer and researcher with several Fortune 500 companies  and Universities before starting his technology business. 


Business + Success

Expertise in technology systems implementation for businesses and organizations of various sizes. Personal success coach for executives and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Anderson D. Prewitt



Educator. Entrepreneur.


Author, Speaker & Thought Leader on Innovation, STEM Education, Small Business, & Success.



About Dr. Prewitt


A thought leader in innovation, education, and entrepreneurship, Anderson is a champion for leveraging technology to promote transformative systems change. Anderson has subject matter expertise in Data Science & Systems Engineering as well as a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Florida A&M University/Florida State University College of Engineering, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida, where his specialization was Electromagnetics. He also has a Master of Science in Materials Engineering and a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Florida where his dissertation work focused on the Electronic Properties of Energy Converting Materials. As a Ph.D. Engineer and a Research Data Scientist, Dr. Prewitt has years of business consulting experience and a unique background of working at the forefront of Innovation & Education.

Consultant & Trainer


A seasoned consultant, instructor, and business coach for you or your team.  Anderson is the founder of Prewitt Solutions, a Technology Consulting Firm based in Tampa, Florida. It provides cutting-edge solutions to complex and challenging problems, with expertise in applied research, STEM education and training, systems engineering, software development and computational analysis. Anderson worked as an engineer and researcher with several Fortune 500 companies (including Intel, Caterpillar, and Procter & Gamble) as well as various universities before starting his own business. Dr. Prewitt is currently an active researcher in the areas of innovation, education, and entrepreneurship.

Current Projects







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Data Science + Systems Innovation


Can Data-Driven results be achieved by applying systems engineering and critical thinking skills to relevant problems?

Applied Science + Technology


How can Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) best be used to improve life and business for everyone?

Business Growth + Success Systems


Can a scientific methodology be used to identify the necessary steps to achieve success in business and in life?

Applied Data Science & Engineering
Learn from a Data Scientist & Six Sigma Greenbelt about how to use data driven analytics in your organization
Technology Entrepreneurship

Leverage Technology & Data To Promote Business Growth. Apply the most cutting edge solutions to solve business problems.

Innovation & Education
Learn how to leverage technology and innovation to create a more adaptable organization or team
Personal & Professional Growth
Goal Setting: Learn the best methodology for setting goals and making actionable plans that work and get results.

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As an Author & STEM Education expert, Anderson is a Motivational Speaker on Innovation, STEM Education, Small Business, & Success. His book on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math educational achievement and workforce development. STEM Navigators is a compilation of real life STEM success stories from people who have not only been wildly successful in pursuing and obtaining their own Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics degrees, but they have all worked to teach, mentor, and research ways to guide others effectively through obtaining a STEM education.


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